DIY – Reinforcing a Rear Mount

The infamous Clunk saga continues:


Our buddy, sxa10, came up with a great way to reinforce that sloppy rear differential Mount…   The details are on his page, but suffice to say that this can’t do anything but good and it’s been done for everything from differential mounts, to engine mounts, even on different cars (like the Neon SRT-4) with similar issues:



But before you go fill yours and expect it to change the world, I’ll quote what he had to say:

“I’d also like to point out that I installed the rear diff mounts first…there was a noticeable difference but there was still a hint of clunk. As I had suspected, if your engine mounts are worn out, changing just the rear diff mounts will not be enough. You’ll have to get new engine mounts too. I’ve confirmed this when I installed the new filled engine mounts a few weeks after and the noise was completely gone. So please, DO NOT under estimate the need for new engine mounts. All of these parts, engine and entire drive-train are connected, if one moves, it translates to more movement at another location. Cheers!”