Rear Differential Mount – Install Tips

Installation notes:

Installation of this part is fairly straight forward. If you are having it done by a licensed repair facility (recommended) then total installation time should be under 20 minutes.

1 ) On our test vehicle, we put the vehicle on ramps, support the differential, and remove the two bolts that hold the mount to the frame. Once those are released, we remove the two bolts that hold the mount to the differential.

2) Installation is reverse of removal, however, depending on how much your RAV4’s suspension has settled, it may be necessary to lift the uni-body slightly to bring the differential back into correct alignment. If your RAV4 is lifted or has not settled, lifting the differential into position may be necessary. Please note OEM torque specs for re-installation.

Help! I still have a differential noise!

We’re happy to help. In our experience with the RAV4, check the following: 1) Rear axle nuts: these need to be torqued to OEM spec. They tend to loosen up and result in a drive-line pop. These can be checked without removing the OEM wheels.

2) After the rear differential mount fails, there is massive stress on the front mount. There are two bushings in it (rubber) that fail and allow the nose of the differential to move around. Our part number for the front mount is: 5238042071R.